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Price: $99.00

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Join Kelly T. Smith once a month for 3 months for a 2-hour interactive workshop (6


hours total)  designed to help you uncover a clear vision for your future by tapping

into your soul essence. Clear out blocks, fears, and resistance, align with clarity and


a deeper understanding of your vision of positive change. Once we have a clear


vision we will put what we have learned to practice, meeting once a month for 3


months to create and align as a group.  Participate in deep diving exercises to


access guidance from your soul. Join us at any time and We will send you the


recorded workshop for the sessions you may have missed. Don't worry, if you can't


make the live sessions, all sessions are recorded. Dates are as follows: 1st session


Sunday, January 23rd, Sunday, February 20th & Sunday, March, 13th @ 4 PM PST

Week One- Sunday, January 30th @ 4 PM PST
Creating and Aligning with the Vision, learning to hold your focus, deep-dive exercises, finding your point of power, and raising your vibration. pick your vibrational alignment project to have done before the next session. 

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Week Two- Sunday, February 20th # 4 PM PST
 Deep Dive exercises for inner connection. 
Group Aligning with your vision, prayer, meditation, and Hypnotherapy. Group discussion on Vibrational Alignment projects from the week before. 

Week Three- Sunday, March 13th @ 4 PM PST Group Hypnotherapy & Prayer. Deep Dive Interactive Exercises, Group discussion on Homework from the previous week. 

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